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Self Gaboshe

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introduce new products to you who suffer from slippery shoe soles and shoes that hurt too much.

Self gaboshe can be easily used to the sole of shoe by just a simple attachment.

Compared to traditional products, it is much easier to use and doesn't look ugly when attached!

Available in all sizes!


The latest fashion market trend is a fast fashion.

Among them, consumers want to have their own products.

Therefore, selfgaboshe will satisfy the needs of the consumers.

also There are many places where to supply: beauty salons, punctuation marks, Internet stores,

department stores, supermarkets, stationery store, drugstore and low-end retailers.


self gaboshe effect

1. Reduce the shock in Walk by absorbing that touches the hard floor.

2. Anti-slip and Maximize stability.

3. It does not look ugly when use and it gives comfort.

4. It can protect your shoes like new by preventing from peeling off front part of shoes.

so You can wear shoes for a long time.

5. It reinforce the front heel. That Makes the ankle gently bends and Increases stability when walking.

6. Prevent pulling forward so Prevent and reduce hallux valgus .


7. Completely repaired by simply attaching to the split shoe sole.

8. Add cushion effect so you can walk in high heels.

9. You can do it quickly and easily with your own hand without going to the Repair Shop.

10. Structural design that applicable to any size and front style.

11. By Completely eliminates the peeling front part , reducing the disadvantage of the gaboshe shoe.