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Hangroo Oxygen (Solid Oxygen)

Product Detail Information


Product Specification

●Product Name : Oxygen hangroo (Solid oxygen package)


●Functions & Features

1. Make an oxygen, equal quantity of 15 Meter pine tree could make.

2. Eliminate CO2, smog, toxic materials and dust by absorbing. it is same mechanism with plant does

3. It is compact size and doesn't need any electricity. so easy to bring and take it anywhere.

4. The oxygen can boost your brain activity. so it improves your memory and thinking ability.

5. It helps recover your stamina

6. Pure oxygen helps your skin clear

7. It is put on all engine room of korean subway line 5, 6, 7, 8


Test through government institution 

  ●Test of oxygen occurrence


●Eliminate CO2editorimg

 CO2 concentration in air decreses about 85%.
 Test circumtance : check the average concentration during 2 hours. from inserting the solid oxygen 200g in a 'Avante'(car).

SO2 concentration in air decreses about 75%

No2 concentration in air decreses about 72%

HCHO concentration in air decreses about 50%


International patent application (PCT-K2009-1005355)
Certification in korea (NO. 10-0987370), (NO. 0272929)


Product Detail

●Brand name : Hangroo

●Life : 100 days lasts.

●Component : KO2, Ca(OH)2, etc.

1. Eliminate cartridge sealing and foil.
2. Set cartridge on pad.
3. Pierce air hole both side.
4. Insert in package and use.